about me

I've been making art of one kind or another almost all my life, but it's only been in my recent retirement that I've focused on painting. Now that I have time to follow my artistic interests and I've settled into two very different types of painting: abstract acrylics on one hand and water colour images from the real world on the other.  The abstract work is always challenging because I'm attempting to create paintings that evoke a feeling or spark an emotional memory. The water colours are more of a meditative process where I work from a photograph and try to capture the essence of what caught my eye.




After high school and a couple of years of university I enrolled at the Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr School of Art) , and  and I took the first year course. But the realities of earning a living drove me back to UBC to take art education so I could teach art to children. At UBC I studied design, painting and printmaking in 1969. I've taught both children and adults art and crafts over the years. I've also studied at MISSA with Xane St. Philip and taken painting and ceramics classes with other people (Diane Young, ceramic artist, Marnie Ward, water colour painter, and Suzy Raxlen, printmaker among others).

More recently I've studied with Bill Porteous and for three years was part of his Wednesday Abstract Art Group.



Craft Shows (papier mache works)  1995 and 1996

Sooke Fine Art Show, 1996

Papier Maché works show at Fran Norris Gallery, 1997

Group Show with Vancouver Island School of Art, 2000

Group Show at Martin Batchelor Gallery, prints and chine collé works 2004

Group Shows with Wednesday Afternoon Art Group, Selkirk Gallery, 2014 and 2015

Abstract Four Paintings, group show at Dales Gallery, Victoria 2016

Participant in Fernwood Art Stroll, June 2016 and 2018



Email:   joannapettit@gmail.com

Phone:  250-386-0826 or 250-891-3919 (mobile)


Visit my daily life in Victoria blog at http://uponhaliburtonhill.blogspot.com